Meet the seahorse JFI is sponsoring, affectionately named JoSea!

When we learned about “FantaSea Venice,” a public art project put on by the Venice Art Center, our team knew we wanted to be a part of it. We had to select a talented local artist to bring her to life with creativity and design, and it quickly became apparent that Joanna Davis (local artist and art teacher at Garden Elementary School) was the perfect match!  She agreed and immediately came up with the theme, “hide and SEAk Venice”.

Joanna absolutely nailed it and within days started bringing out “JoSea’s” true colors.  It has been so much fun watching her decorate the piece with different locations from around town. JFI and Joanna cannot wait to until “JoSea” is released to the public for all to enjoy her beauty.  Enjoy the video below showing her progress bringing “JoSea” to life!

For more details on the “FantaSea Venice” project, click here to read our prior post.