Floods in Florida can occur naturally and in almost any location, whether it’s near a body of water, due to heavy rains, poor drainage, or hurricanes. It’s crucial to be prepared and know if your home is at risk. FEMA has recently announced changes to the National Flood Insurance Program and rezoning; you can review the FEMA Flood map for more information.

Flood maps are utilized by mortgage companies to determine insurance requirements. Many individuals may have received a notice from their lender changing their zone from X to A, which now requires flood insurance within a specified time frame.

The National Flood Insurance Program can seem complex and overwhelming. It’s important to ask yourself if you are choosing the right coverage and if you have sufficient coverage. What does your policy actually cover? Don’t let the complexity overwhelm you; Joyner Family Insurance is ready to answer your questions and provide essential information about your home, call today for your appointment 941-412-4307.

We encourage you to visit the NFIP website to learn more about the risks, costs, and dangers of flooding.