Shelley Woronick ~ Loving wife, mom of three, social butterfly, book lover, and Client Service Representative.

Shelley joined our agency team in April 2022 as a client service representative and administrative professional. She was born and raised in Connecticut, where she met and married her husband of twenty-one years, Phil. After graduating from Central Connecticut State University with a finance degree, she moved to Venice where she began her professional career in the pension field and later as a mortgage broker. Shelley became a stay-at-home mom for many years before rejoining the work force. Her strong background in accounting – being detail oriented! – along with her outgoing personality make her a wonderful addition to our agency team! Shelley adores her three children – Allison, Kelsey, and Phillip – all of whom love theme parks, fishing, and going on road trips. In her free time, Shelley enjoys being with friends, attending concerts and music festivals, and sitting at the beach with a good book.