Thank you to everyone who generously provided referrals to us this past quarter, as we presented a check for $1,630 to Teen Court of Sarasota, a local 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Teen Court of Sarasota, Inc. was born after concerns that the community was observing a rise in juvenile crime. Modeling a successful program in Texas that provides opportunities for civic engagement for student volunteers, Teen Court of Sarasota was incorporated. The first Teen Court hearings were held in December 1988.

Operating as a juvenile court alternative and providing a range of educational and counseling services, they currently have over a 90% success rate and offer volunteer opportunities, whether you’ve participated in the program or if simply interested in volunteer hours.

New programs have been added over the years, 2011 being the most recent. After seeing an increase in bullying, CO-OP was created by the staff. CO-OP is a counseling service that helps teens learn how to interact with others in a positive way.

We’re excited to support an organization that does so much for our community! Please visit their website and read the moving testimonials ~ you’ll see what an impact they are making in our area!