Do you need it? Are you required to have it? How do you get it?

Flood zones and flood insurance can be confusing and even overwhelming at times. Did you know the entire state of Florida is in a flood zone? It’s true. Even the folks that say, “I don’t live in a flood zone” are actually in a flood zone. It’s probably a low risk zone (X or B) but we’ve seen those areas flood too.

Flood insurance is always highly recommended by the Joyner Family Insurance team, regardless of the flood zone your home is located in. Some of our insurance carriers are able to add flood insurance on the same policy as your home insurance, but in most cases, flood insurance is written through the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA).

Unless flood insurance is mandatory, a flood policy purchased through FEMA has a standard 30 day wait from the date payment is taken before the policy becomes effective. The reason for this wait is to prevent people from purchasing flood insurance days before they know a big storm is coming then cancelling when it has fizzled out. While you are able to cancel a flood policy (of course), there may or may not be a prorated premium return depending on the reason for cancellation.

If you have questions about flood insurance or have been thinking about carrying it (even if it’s solely for the peace of mind), give us a call at 941-412-4307. Don’t wait until it’s too late. We can help you protect your home and your valuables!