Being a homeowner can be wonderful but it also comes with responsibility, like home maintenance, which can sometimes be exhausting and even a little mundane. However, home maintenance is important, beneficial and can aid in preventing damage down the road. It’s helpful to create a list of items a homeowner can tackle monthly, quarterly and even annually. A list serves as a good reminder of what needs to be done and also tasks that have been completed. Plus, most would agree that it feels great to check things off of a list.

Each month it’s important to clean or replace the home’s air conditioning filters to ensure it’s running most efficiently. Dust, dirt and debris can drive up the cost of cooling and heating your home.  It’s also beneficial to make sure all plumbing is working properly by flushing all toilets and running water through all sinks. Make sure to do this in bathrooms that are not used regularly. Check for dripping faucets or possible leaks around the base of toilets or under sinks.

On a quarterly or seasonal basis, it’s good to inspect all exterior vents and clean if necessary. If applicable, inspect the sprinkler systems and adjust the timers according to the season. Make sure to clean the rain gutters so they can most effectively do their job, even if it’s only once a year. Inevitably they will become clogged with tree debris and could potentially cause water damage to landscaping and even the foundation of a home.

Annually, it’s a good idea to check the window and door seals for any leakage. It’s also important replace smoke alarm batteries. And whether it’s the end of the summer season or just once a year, make sure to check the exterior light bulbs and replace any that are dead with an energy efficient bulb.

While there are numerous other items that can and should be added to this list, this is a good starting point and hopefully not too overwhelming. Make a list, check it twice and follow through. And remember, keeping a clean and up-to-date household makes for a happy household, right?