With our summer heat in full force, taking a dip in a swimming pool becomes a popular activity!  Unfortunately, swimming pool accidents are far too common, with the American Red Cross reporting that over 200 young children drown in backyard pools each year.  Here are some helpful safety tips and best practices that every pool owner must consider:

  • Prevent access to your pool by maintaining a screened enclosure or permanently installed fence surrounding the pool area.  In fact, nearly all home insurance companies require this protection to be eligible for coverage!  Make sure that self-closing and self-latching gates are in proper working condition.
  • Do not allow children or less experienced swimmers to swim alone.
  • Consider equipping your doorway to the pool area with an audible alarm to alert you if someone exits your home.
  • Check with your insurance agent before installing a diving board or slide as liability coverage may not be provided for these items under your home insurance policy.  Ensure adequate water depth for such activities.
  • Keep life-saving equipment in the pool area.
  • Pool chemicals should be stored away from the pool area per the chemical manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Pay close attention to electrical devices surrounding the pool area and be sure to plug them into a GFI outlet when possible.


For further details surrounding pool safety and maintenance, click here to visit a resource page provided by Travelers.