Have you ever considered giving life insurance as a gift? While it might sound a little strange, it’s not uncommon for a grandparent to purchase a policy for their grandchild or for a parent to secure an affordable (lifetime) rate for their young child. Understandably, some might think this sounds a bit dreary, but locking in a reasonable rate for the rest of their life (no matter what medical issues occur in the future) is priceless. The life policy can be paid in-full and guarantees the child is insurable as long as the annual premium is paid.

There are many different types of life insurance options and the coverage one would obtain for a child or grandchild isn’t likely what would be most appropriate for, let’s say, a young adult or someone nearing retirement. Fortunately, our agency offers many different types of life insurance policies and while age plays a factor in premium, there is not an “age limit” with this type of security.  A few life options include term life, universal life and whole life. If you’ve never had the conversation, we encourage you to call our office, if for nothing else, peace of mind.

Life insurance can be confusing and intimidating but that’s why we’re here!