When discussing insurance with a licensed agent, have you ever been asked to provide your declarations page? Did you know what it was or where to find it? If you did, pat yourself on the back. If not, it’s okay! Keep reading and hopefully by the end of this brief explanation you’ll know what purpose it serves and where to find it.

The declarations page is the front page (or pages) of an insurance policy and includes specific information related to that particular policy. You might think of it as an overview of a policy. Specific information includes, but is not limited to, the named insured, insured location, policy period (when coverage begins and ends), what coverage is included and limits, deductible information and additional information should you need to report a claim.

A declarations page is provided with any new insurance policy. It’s also updated and mailed with every renewal and with any policy change. The declarations page can be a useful document to keep with your hurricane supply kit and/or with your important files. One day you may want to check you coverage limits quickly or wonder what your hurricane deductible is without having to make a phone call so consider keeping it handy. We suggest having the most recent declarations for each of your active insurance policies so they’re easy to access should you need to reference it.