The JFI Team was proud to present a check for $980 to the Suncoast Humane Society, the charity selected for our inaugural “Help Our Community” referral program!  The entire team participated in the presentation, although the stars of the show clearly were the two therapy dogs – Daisy and Cody – who made an appearance!  This wonderful non-profit organization provides shelter for our community’s homeless, abandoned, and abused animals.  More information may be found at

In addition, Jane & Scott Killam were the lucky winners who were randomly selected from all the names of people who referred someone to us during the quarter!  Because of this, JFI donated $250 to the charity of their choice … which also happened to be the Suncoast Humane Society!

Click here to watch the live presentation(Facebook login may be required)

Thank you so very much to everyone who referred their friends and family to us!

We loved Daisy!